LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance

by DietPill.us Editor on July 9, 2020

LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance Review

If you’re looking for an extreme energy boost and extreme fat burning, you may have come across the OTC diet pill product LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance. This weight management aid from Force Factor is an energy and thermogenic dietary supplement that has been developed to be a potent energy provider. Since this is the case, there is a very good chance that this product is high in stimulants.

Naturally, the only way to know if this is the case is to have a look at the formula and the ingredients that have been chosen to support the company’s claims.

Energy and Weight Loss Thermogenic Innovation Complex

There are several ingredients in the LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance formula, and most of the ingredients are part of the product’s Energy and Weight Loss Thermogenic Innovation Complex. That said, the formula is composed of the following key ingredients:

  • ZümXR
  • TeaCrine
  • BioPerine
  • Infinenergy
  • Capsimax

Ultimately, what you need to know about the ingredients in LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance formula is that, although many of them have fancy patented names, they are primarily stimulants and/or thermogenics, with the exception of BioPerine (black pepper).

A Closer Look at SLIMVANCE

According to Force Factor, SLIMVANCE has been engineered to help men and women rapidly lose weight by inhibiting lipogenesis (the storage of fatty acids in fat cells) and lipolysis (the increased ability to break down fat). When taken daily, this ingredient has supposedly demonstrated in clinical testing to significantly improve weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.

It is reportedly so effective that participants in one clinical study – who maintained a reduced-calorie diet and walked for 30 minutes daily, 5 days per week – experienced six times the increase in weight loss (11.8 pounds) compared to the placebo group (1.9 pounds). They also reportedly experienced three times the reduction in waist circumference and hip size as well as six times reduction in BMI.

However, citations to this study were not provided by Force Factor. Moreover, even if it were, one study isn’t enough to prove the efficacy of any substance.

Think Twice Before Using LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance

The bottom line is that Force Factor makes some tall claims about LeanFire with Next-Gen Slimvance that are lacking sound scientific evidence. Furthermore, it is expensive at $64.99 for a one-month supply and contains enough stimulant substances per daily dosage (over 400 mg of caffeine) that even a person who isn’t sensitive to stimulants is likely to experience unwanted effects, such as jitters, headache, irritability and sleep disturbances.

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