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FENFAST 375 review

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FENFAST 375 is an over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill developed for overweight dieters who are seeking weight management support. This is not an Adipex and Phentermine alternative. Both of these prescription diet drugs are for the treatment of obesity. FENFAST 375 is not an obesity treatment.

Get the Support You Want with FENFAST 375 benefits

Created by American company Intechra Health Inc., the product was developed to be used in conjunction with conventional weight management methods, such as a calorie-conscious diet and regular exercise, to assist healthy adults in their endeavors to reach their dieting goals.

The formulation was meticulously developed using top-grade scientifically researched:

  • Thermogenic intensifiers
  • Energy enhancers
  • Metabolism supporters
  • Focus boosters

There are many potential benefits to these types of ingredients. For starters, focus enhancers can help you stay on track with your dieting goals, by helping you to be more alert and aware when it comes to making healthy food choices. With this type of advantage, you may find it easier to adhere to healthy low-calorie diets, as you seek to control portion sizes, eat less and ingest fewer calories.

Metabolism and thermogenic intensifier ingredients help to keep your metabolic rate levels flying high and working at a fast speed to support fat and calorie burning. For maximum benefits, these ingredients tend to provide the greatest benefits when they are combined with physical activity, especially cardio exercise.

Energy boosters will help you to get on with your day and get past those sluggish feelings. Energy enhancers have been proven to improve mental alertness, giving your concentration and your focus a boost so you can blast through your day. Having high energy and mental alertness all day long gives you a better chance of keeping up with your active lifestyle so you’re less likely to skip out on important exercise.

A Premium Quality Formulation

When this review was created, each of the white and blue speckled FENFAST 375 tablets contained the following formulation of 100% scientifically-researched ingredients:

  • L-Phenylalanine,
  • Caffeine,
  • L-Theanine,
  • Theobromine

Moreover, FENFAST 375 is manufactured in facilities in the United States that adhere to the highest quality manufacturing practices. The fact that the product was formulated in such a facility, using only premium grade and scientifically researched ingredients should give consumers peace of mind knowing that it was developed using the utmost care and attention to quality.

For optimal benefits, it is important that you take FENFAST 375 precisely as the manufacturer directs or as directed by your healthcare provider. In terms of the product label, the recommended dose is to take 2 tablets, twice daily, approximately 30 minutes prior to meals.

That being said, as this product does contain caffeine, users are cautioned to avoid taking this diet pill within 5 hours of bedtime. The reason is that it contains caffeine. Although some research has found that it has the potential to offer certain benefits, such as a decrease in body mass, it can also cause side effects, such as sleep disturbances, which is why the manufacturer cautions users not to take it too close to when they intend to sleep.

With that in mind, be advised that this diet pill was created for healthy adults who are currently following a calorie-reduced diet and regular exercise. If you have an existing health condition, are currently taking medications or are pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant, speak with your doctor prior to taking this product.

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