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by DietPill.us Editor on July 30, 2020

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Just the name of the diet pill Diablos ECA Fire Caps can give you an indication that this is not a product to be taken lightly. These pills contain powerful ingredients including ephedra, caffeine, and even aspirin (typically in the form of white willow bark). For this reason, it is not only a banned substance in the United States, Canada, and several other countries, but it is also one that is associated with a number of mild to severe side effects, as well as potential conflicts with a wide range of medications and medical conditions.

Avoid Taking This OTC Ephedra Diet Pill

Although the Diablos ECA combination may be a potentially dangerous one, this classic ECA stack is well known to be proven for improved fat burning. At the same time, if you live in a country – such as the U.S. – where this product is banned due to its ephedra content, it is highly recommended that you avoid it, even if you have found a way to get your hands on it.

The reason is that Diablos ECA Fire Caps, and any other product containing ephedra, is illegal to produce, sell, or purchase in the United States. If you find a company that is manufacturing and/or selling it, they are doing so illegally, and you will be doing something illegal by purchasing in it. This means that you could not only find yourself in hot water, but you will also be purchasing a product that is entirely unregulated and unchecked by any official agencies in your country.

For both legal and health purposes it is highly recommended that Diablos ECA be avoided in favor of a safer product that can be purchased without breaking the law.

Before this product was banned, it had been quite popular on the nonprescription weight loss market. Anything containing ephedra had been flying off the shelves for a number of years. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before side effects and other problems started to appear. People began to suffer from heart problems, became addicted to the substance, and more than a handful died from having taken diet pills containing this ingredient.

Ephedra Cannot Legally Be Sold in Weight Management Supplements

Today, the only reason that ephedra can be legally sold over the counter, according to the FDA, is within products designed for asthma and sinus colds. Even then, it is allowed only in limited amounts and it cannot be marketed for any weight loss benefits. As Diablos ECA clearly does not conform to this regulation, dieters within the U.S. are highly advised to avoid it.

Beyond the danger associated with the use of ephedra, Diablos ECA also includes other potentially problematic ingredients. For example, it contains certain substances that are known to alter the mood, as well as additional stimulants, such as caffeine, beyond ephedra, alone.

Needless to say, this illegal and unsafe product is not recommended.

Diablos ECA Update – August 2020

Believe it or not, but Diablos ECA Fire Caps can still be purchased online as of August 2020. Although it is not sold at any reputable retailer sites, it remains easy enough to obtain, even if you are in the United States.

As previously mentioned in the above Diablos ECA review, this product contains banned substances, including ephedra, and still does according to its supplement facts label.

What’s more, after that review was created, Diablos ECA Fire Caps was one of the OTC diet pill products singled out by the FDA in 2015 as containing hidden drug ingredients, with the FDA advising consumers not to purchase or use it.  The reason is an FDA laboratory analysis of this product confirmed that this product contained:

  • Sildenafil – This is the active ingredient in Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction. It may interact with nitrates found in certain prescription drugs – such as those commonly found in diabetes drugs taken by men – and could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.
  • Phenolphthalein – This chemical may increase the risk of cancer. 
  • Sibutramine and Deisobutylbenzylsibutramine (an analogue of sibutramine) – This is a controlled substance that was taken off the market in 2010 due to its ability to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse range in certain people, and could also be life threatening when combined with other medications.

Still Not Worth the Risk

It should be noted that the Diablos ECA that can be purchased today, may have changed its formula as has been the case with a number of other ephedra diet pills that took out the ephedra and replaced it with other ingredients (namely more non-banned stimulants).

However, as previously mentioned, according to the supplement facts label on the bottle, it still states that it contains an “Ephedra Extract.” Furthermore, even if it did not actually contain ephedra, the formula is riddled with so many stimulant substances that it would still be unsafe for most people to take. Additionally, there is no knowing if it still contains hidden drug ingredients.

Ultimately, even today, it is highly recommended that you continue to avoid Diablos ECA as well as avoid purchasing any product from any online retailer or marketplace that would sell such a dangerous diet pill.

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