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ZetaTrim is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that sometimes goes by the nickname Z Trim. It is designed to provide assistance to individuals who are overweight and who are looking to be able to lose more weight than they are capable of doing on their diet and exercise programs, alone.

To be able to decide whether or not ZetaTrim is right for you, it is a good idea to have a closer look at its list of ingredients before you decide to make your purchase. In the formula for this product are Vitamins B3, B6 and B12, as well as chromium, and a proprietary blend that includes guarana seed, garcinia cambogia, fucoxanthin, guggulsterones, and DHEA.

There are three B vitamins in the formula which are important for helping the body to maintain proper energy levels. This can be helpful for keeping up with exercises, though their use is not directly linked with weight loss. Though chromium has been shown in some research to help to keep blood sugar levels stable, and the claim is that it can help to reduce food cravings, though no studies have shown that this has enough impact to lead to weight loss.

The proprietary formula is filled with ingredients that have a great deal of hype associated with them. The first ingredient is a stimulant, so while it may help to increase the metabolism, it is also associated with certain side effects among some users. As the proprietary formula does not reveal how much of each ingredient is contained within it, it is impossible to know if there is enough to have any impact, or if there is so much that side effects are a serious risk.

The claims about these ingredients are that they will shrink cravings while boosting fat burning and decreasing the appetite. Though this product does contain some ingredients that are proven, others appear to be mostly hype, and as the quantities are not revealed to consumers, there is no way of knowing whether or not the formula is properly balanced to be able to live up to the promises made in its marketing.

It is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of ZetaTrim should speak with their doctors, particularly as some of the substances are stimulants and hormones, and they could interact with conditions or medications that are already being taken. Only a doctor’s advice can help dieters to know for certain whether or not they are making a safe and effective choice.

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