2020 Weight Loss Plan – Five Tips to Stay on Track This Year

by DietPill.us Editor on February 3, 2020

2020 Weight Loss Plan

Do you have a 2020 weight loss plan? If you do, you’re likely aware that you need to have a calorie-limited diet and a regular exercise program if you want to shed those excess pounds. However, did you know that there is more to weight loss than just calorie control and being active? There are other factors to consider if you want to safely and effectively battle the bulge.

Five Tips to Make your 2020 Weight Loss Plan the Best it Can Be

Here are some practical tips to help you support your weight loss program this year so you can get the most out of it if your goal is long-term and healthy weight loss.

Say “No” to Fad Dieting

Fad diets are popular because most of them promise quick weight loss. That said, this fast weight loss often comes with a price, including depriving your body of essential nutrients, feeling awful, feeling hungry all the time, and putting all the weight back on (plus more) when you finish it or call it quits, because your metabolism is so out of whack. Avoid giving into the temptation to follow cleanses or ultra-low-calorie diets to achieve a tiny waistline fast. It’s far better to follow a diet that is low in calories but rich in balanced nutrients to help you maintain the healthy weight you wish to achieve.

Get Sleep

Rest up! Studies have found that adequate sleep can lead to greater fat loss. When people cut back on sleep, they not only feel more tired, which means they’re less likely to exercise, but they tend to feel hungrier because the level of the hormone ghrelin that triggers hunger, increases, often resulting in the consumption of more food.

Maintain a Healthy Metabolism

If you want to get the most out of your 2020 weight loss plan, don’t ignore your metabolism. Better metabolism results in better weight loss. There are different ways that you can boost your metabolism. For instance, you can work on building muscle as resting metabolic rate is much higher in people who have more muscle. Engage in aerobic workouts. Have small healthy snacks in between meals to keep your metabolism active (this may even lead to you eating less at meals).

Reach for Water Before Any Other Beverage

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not only is it 100% free of calories, but it can help you to burn more calories and may even help you to eat less if you consume it before meals. Water is fuel for your metabolism and by choosing to drink it over other beverages is the easiest way to cut back on a lot of sugary beverages you may otherwise have, such as juice, soda or alcohol.

Be Realistic with Your Goal

Make sure the 2020 weight loss plan that you have selected for yourself is realistic. Don’t expect to lose a massive amount of weight in a short period of time. Remember, it took you several months to put on all the weight that you want to lose, therefore, it will take you just as long to shed those excess pounds. Choose a diet plan that you can realistically work into your budget and lifestyle and engage in exercises that are fitness appropriate. The end goal is to create a diet and exercise plan that not only suits your body but that will lead to you using more calories than you consume in a day.

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