Weight Loss and Instagram – Using IG to Help you Drop Excess Pounds

by DietPill.us Editor on September 11, 2020

Weight Loss and Instagram

Losing weight and keeping it off is no easy feat. It can be a lonely process and difficult to keep up with changes, which is why some people choose to create a weight loss Instagram account. Essentially, they use the popular social medial platform to publicly track their progress to stay motivated as they work toward reaching their ultimate weight loss goal.

How a Weight Loss Instagram Account Can be Beneficial

If you’re considering tracking your weight loss journey on Instagram (IG), here are a few ways that it can work to your advantage:

  • A sense of community – There is a good chance of connecting with people who appreciate, respect and identify with your vulnerability and bravery for sharing your weight loss pictures, videos and story. Dedicated followers are invested in your weight loss, will cheer you on and will want to see you succeed.
  • Greater accountability – When you know that other people are watching your progress on IG, you know that they are expecting progress updates, which can help you feel more accountable with your weight management strategy, because you need to “report in” to your followers. In fact, one study found that dieters who made more connections in online weight loss communities, particularly those who engaged the most in connecting via social media, lost more than 8% of body weight in six months.
  • Track progress – Visually tracking your weight loss with Instagram can help you stay motivated with your goal as you can see how far you’ve come. Many weight loss Instagrammers enjoy reading their old posts at the start of their journey. Plus, it’s an excellent way to collect and post some great before and after photos.

Create a Separate Weight Loss IG Account

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you already have an IG account or if you’ve never created one. If your intention is to track your weight loss journey on this platform, the best way to achieve maximum engagement is to create an account that is 100% dedicated to your fitness progress. Other IG users are more likely to follow your progress on an account dedicated to it than one that mixes your weight loss progress with posts about other events, hobbies, interests, opinions or people in your personal life.

Additionally, if you should ever decide that you would like to delete the weight loss Instagram account or make it private, it’s easier to do this instantly with an account that is dedicated to tracking your journey than one that includes non-related personal posts you are happy to continue sharing.

Finally, remember that only you can decide if public weight loss Instagram tracking and sharing will be a positive experience for you. As it does involve a level of vulnerability, some people may find it more harmful than encouraging if they can’t get passed negative comments from online “trolls”, which is, unfortunately, something that you may encounter. Ultimately, when it comes to tracking your weight loss, do what feels right for you.

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