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by Editor on March 27, 2012

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Twin Lab Ripped Fuel Extreme is a drug marketed for weight loss purposes that claims that it enhances the metabolism and increases the metabolism of fat through thermogenesis. Its marketing material says that lean body mass is preserved while fat is lost more easily without using ephedra as an ingredient. Twin Lab has a reputable name, but it is important to have a closer look at the original drug, Ripped Fuel Extreme, before you actually decide if it is the right option for you.

The ingredients in Ripped Fuel Extreme by Twin Lab include: Bitter Orange (325 mg), L-Phenylalanine ( 50 mg), Guarana (800 mg), Proprietary Blend (310 mg), St. John’s Wort, Green Tea, Quercetin, Citrus Bioflavanoid, Ginger Root, and Cayenne.

The first ingredient in the list is bitter orange, which is a substance that contains synephrine, which acts as an ephedra – one that is regulated by the FDA, as there is a maximum possible amount. It contains smaller amounts than actually including ephedra as an ingredient in itself.

L-phenylalanine does have some indications that it might suppress the appetite, so this may be a beneficial ingredient in the drug.

Though guarana, a stimulant, has been shown to be helpful for weight loss when combined with the ingredients damiana and yerba mate. However, neither of those other two ingredients are included in the Ripped Fuel Extreme formula.

Though green tea has been known to be very helpful in weight loss, it requires a certain quantity in order to be effective – according to reputable scientific studies. As green tea is not one of the ingredients for which the quantity has been disclosed, it is impossible to know if there is enough in the pill to be of any use at all.

Though ginger root is known to be a very effective remedy for heart disease, arthritis, and nausea, there is no evidence that it would have any impact on helping users to lose weight. Nothing scientific or in medical studies has ever shown cayenne to contribute to weight loss in any way.

Though a cursory glance at the ingredients list in Twin Lab’s Ripped Fuel Extreme does make it look like it has some potential, there are many ingredients there that don’t appear to have any purpose, and others that – because they are a part of a proprietary blend – do not have disclosed quantities and therefore it is impossible to know whether or not they offer any benefit at all.

The marketing materials and packaging for the product are extremely simple, providing almost no useful information other than the ingredients (which only partially reveal quantities) and a repetitive sales pitch.

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