Are Thermogenic Diet Pills Safe?

by Editor on May 1, 2014

Thermogenic Diet Pills safety

Fat burning diet pills have become an extremely popular type of product within the weight loss category, and thermogenic diet pills have risen to the top of those shelves over the last decade or so. However, the very nature of those pills have made people wonder whether or not they are actually safe to use.

The way that thermogenic diet pills work is that they increase the body’s temperature. In doing this, more energy is required to fuel the temperature rise. Therefore, more calories from consumed foods or stored body fats are burned off in the form of heat, instead of having to be burned off in the form of exercise. That said, it should be noted that thermogenetics are most effective when they are combined with cardio exercise and do not do all that much on their own. Good quality thermogenic products will help to notably increase the fat burning effects of a good workout.

There have been many studies conducted on substances that produce thermogenesis. Among the most studied are ephedra, caffeine, and capsicum. Although the first among them, ephedra, does produce quite the fat burning effect, it has also since been found to produce some rather serious side effects and has been connected with at least one death. This has caused that ingredient to be banned from weight loss pills in the United States and many other countries, as well.

Capsicum and caffeine have also been found to be quite effective in producing thermogenesis, though in two different ways. The first is an extract from hot peppers, and the second is a type of stimulant as is naturally found in foods such as coffee, tea, and chocolate. In their own way, all types of thermogenic ingredients have a stimulating effect on the body that leads to more calorie burning through less overall effort.

Though the safety of these ingredients does depend on the specific ingredient – after all, while caffeine is typically considered safe for most people, ephedra was dangerous enough to ban – they are considered to be safe to use, as a whole, when used appropriately.

That said, while studies have shown that thermogenic diet pills can be helpful in losing weight, they are not a solution unto themselves. Thermogenics can’t simply be popped on their own to cause fat to melt away. Instead, they need to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Pills that include other benefits in their formulation, such as appetite suppression, can help to further improve the weight loss promoting effects of thermogenics as they can help to make it easier to eat less while more fat is being burned away.

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