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by Editor on January 11, 2018

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MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner claims to be a powerful non-prescription diet pill that will help “zap” your appetite and help you lose weight quickly. It is a dietary supplement from Advanta Supplements that also supposedly gives you an energy boost without you experiencing jitters or a crash. MaXreduce’s potent formula can help you get your body back!

This sounds impressive but it’s the ingredients of a weight management aid that helps to determine the type of potential effects that you might hope to experience from taking it. Unfortunately, in the case of MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner, the official supplement facts are not provided before you buy the product.

All that is known of the formula, according to the MaXreduce Amazon sales page (when this review was written), is the following: “Patent-pending diet pill formula based on over 120 Scientific Studies.”

This statement is all well and good but it tells you absolutely nothing about what the contents are in the product, so the fact that this mystery formula is based on over 120 scientific studies is completely irrelevant. All that it proves is that this formula, the claims made about it, and the manufacturer, cannot be trusted.

Without knowing what the ingredients are before you buy, it is impossible to know just what effects this product might have on your body and there is no way of knowing if it is effective for weight loss or even safe to take. When a manufacturer does not readily provide a list of the ingredients contained within its dietary supplement on its sales page, you have to wonder what it is they have to hide. Weight loss tablet reviews are not as helpful without the all important formula information.

All this being said, one Amazon customer did list the ingredients as including the following: Hoodia cactus powder, caralluma fimbriata (extract), glucomanna, green tea (50% extract), theobromine (98%), guarana (3% extract providing 17mg naturally occurring caffeine), cha de burge (herb powder), maca extract (0.6% macamides), L-theanine, Banaba (1% extract), pomegranate powder, gugglesterone.

Still, without an official list of supplement facts, there is no way of knowing how accurate or complete this ingredients list is, especially when it was provided by the customer back in 2013. However, if any of these ingredients still exist within the formula, the most likely effect a user might experience is increased energy due to the caffeine content in guarana and green tea. The primary appetite suppressants, hoodia and glucomanan, are unproven.

One positive note is tha, when this review was written, Advanta Supplements did offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee to any customers who were not satisfied with the results of MaXreduce.

Nonetheless, money-back gurantee or not, the bottom line is that it would likely be best to avoid taking MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner. There are better OTC diet pills out there from more reliable and trusted manufacturers.

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