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Libbera review

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Libbera claims to be the weight management supplement that will meet your lifestyle. It also claims that its clinically proven blend will help you to meet your weight loss goals, regardless if they are to lose weight or keep it off.

The Libbera formula is composed of a Proprietary Blend which contains Amophophallus Konjac (from Konjac Root). There is 1500 mg of the proprietary blend per 2 capsule serving. The recommended use is to take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to meals up to 3 times per day. Each dose should be taken with a minimum of 8 ounces of water.

The chief ingredient in Libbera is the konjac plant. Also known as Glucomanan, it is a water soluble fiber sourced from the Konjac root. When consumed and combined with water, glucomanan gently expands. The result is it makes you feel full so you are likely to eat less and feel less hungered. In other words, Libbera has been designed to function as an appetite suppressant. As an added bonus, glucomanan has almost no calories.

According to Libbera, its proprietary glucomanan blend does not cause any bloating or discomfort and has been proven to support healthy blood sugar and encourage good cholesterol, as well as promotes bowel health by helping to combat constipation and improving regularity. Libbera claims that its propriety blend allows you to feel full and eat less, which is how it enables you to lose weight so quickly “without needing to modify how you eat or exercise.”

Clinical research has found many positive effects of glucomanan. There are many studies that suggest this water soluble fiber may be possibly beneficial for relieving constipation, lowering cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure in diabetics, and improving cholesterol in people who have high cholesterol.

In regard to weight loss, there is insufficient evidence that glucomanan is effective. While some early research suggests that taking glucomanan orally may improve weight loss in overweight and obese individuals, not all research agrees. Therefore, while taking Libbera may offer you some health benefits, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will help you lose measureable fat or maintain weight loss.

What’s more, the fact that the manufacturer, which shares the same name as the product, says that you can take Libbera and quickly lose weight without having to modify how you eat and exercise, is a dubious claim. To achieve measureable and continual fat loss, you will likely need to alter your diet by watching how many calories you ingest. Also, it will be important for you to engage in regular exercise, including daily cardio, to burn calories and shed pounds. Unless you already do these things, you’re going to need to modify your diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.

Common side effects experienced when taking glucomanan include diarrhea, flatulence, bloating and other gastrointestinal discomfort. It can also be dangerous for diabetics as it effects blood sugar levels.

Prior to taking Libbera, it is highly recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider about your interest in taking this product, so you can discuss whether or not this is an ideal weight management aid for you.

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