JetFUEL Accelerator

by Editor on May 25, 2016

JetFUEL Accelerator review

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JetFUEL Accelerator is marketed as a stimulant-free fat metabolizer and is manufactured by GAT. It promises to help support appetite control and mobilize stored fat. It does not contain stimulants, making it ideal for nighttime fat burning use. In essence, this diet pill has been designed to help you burn fat day and night.

The fact that JetFUEL Accelerator is stimulant free is a definite bonus because users don’t need to worry about side effects associated with central nervous stimulants like caffeine; side effects like insomnia, increased blood pressure, jitters, rapid heartbeat, etc. However, while this pill won’t cause stimulant-related side effects, this doesn’t mean that it will cause fat loss either.

That being said, the only way to know what type of potential weight loss effects or lack thereof will result from taking this fat metabolizer is to take a look at its ingredients.

The formula contains three different systems composed of a group of ingredients. They are as follows: JetFUEL Appetite-Regulation Support Actives [Gamma-trimethyl-beta-acetylbutyrobetaine (Acetyl L-Carnitine), Bilineurine bitartrate (Choline), Hoodia gordonii proprietary blend (Hoodia gordonii 20:1 cactus extract, Hoodia gordonii powder), Mucuna pruriens seed extract (50% l-dopa) (Velvet BEA), Non-GMO Crocus sativus (Saffron) stigma extract (NLT 1.34% safranal by UV-Vis and providing crocin And picrocrocin)], JetFUEL Pro-Lipolytic Support Actives [Raspberry ketone 99%, Commiphora mukul stem and resin (NTL 99% guggulsterones), Resveratrol, Capsicum frutescens fruit extract (60,000 Heat Units) (Cayenne)], and JetFUEL Oil-Infused Rapid Delivery System [Sodium starch glycolate (Explotab), Medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs), Xanthaurine, Naringoside].

One glance at this extensive ingredients list raises a few concerns. For starters, there are many ingredients in this formula. This means that there is a good chance that there is an insufficient amount of some or all the ingredients it contains to actually provide any of the potential benefits these ingredients might otherwise offer.

Moreover, it contains a lot of unproven weight loss ingredients, most notably hoodia (which is said to cause appetite suppression) and raspberry ketones (believed to help release stored fat). While researched, absolutely none of the ingredients listed above have yet to be scientifically proven effective for aiding in weight loss or causing fat loss in humans.

Additionally, it should be noted that while stimulant-free, JetFUEL Accelerator is not without the risk of side effects. Some users may experience upset stomach, bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea and headache among other side effects.

JetFUEL Accelerator is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, diabetics, individuals on blood pressure medication or those under the age of 18. Prior to taking this diet pill, users should first consult with their doctor. Never assume that because a product contains herbal and/or all-natural ingredients that it is safe. Many of these ingredients can cause adverse effects and may also negatively interact with medications.

Users are directed to take 3 capsules per day, 15 minutes prior to their first meal or cardio. No more than 3 capsules should be taken daily.

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