Tips to Increase Metabolism Naturally

by Editor on July 16, 2020

increase metabolism

You may be interested in finding ways to increase your metabolism naturally to improve your weight loss strategy. The good news is that it is not difficult to naturally give your metabolic rate a boost. There are different ways that you can supercharge your metabolism every day to help you get the most out of your fat burning efforts.

However, before knowing some of the techniques that you can use to improve your body’s metabolic rate, it first helps to understand that having a naturally slow metabolism may not be the reason behind your weight gain.

What Causes Slow Metabolism?

Part of knowing how to increase metabolism naturally is knowing what may be causing a decrease in metabolic rate.

For starters, metabolism is a process in the body that converts what you consume (food and drink) into energy. Even when you are not physically active, your body requires energy to function (e.g. breathing, repairing cells, circulating blood). The energy that is needed for these functions is known as basal metabolic rate.

Everyone’s basal metabolic rate is different and is determined by body size, body type and age. For instance:

  • A person who weighs more or who has more muscle mass burns more calories (even at rest), so they tend to have a faster basal metabolic rate.
  • Female bodies tend to have slower metabolism than male bodies due to women typically having less muscle mass overall.
  • As you get older, muscle mass decreases, slowing down the rate at which calories are burned.

With that said, having slow metabolism isn’t the cause of weight gain as much as other factors, such as:

  • Eating more calories than you need
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Routinely not getting enough sleep and other unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Certain medications
  • Genetics

Of course, regardless of your age, gender or weight, there are ways that you can increase metabolism naturally to help you lose weight more efficiently.

4 Easy Tips to Increase Metabolism Naturally

  1. Eat more protein – Eating food increases your metabolism for a few hours. Eating protein-rich foods, specifically, causes the largest rise in thermic effect of food (TEF). TEF is the amount of energy expenditure beyond your basal metabolic rate. Research has found that protein increases metabolic rate by 15-30%, compared to carbs (5-10%) and fats (0-3%). Eating more protein can also help you feel more satiated, which can lead to consuming fewer calories.
  1. Lift weights – Compared to fat, muscle is more metabolically active. Although it is a good idea to engage in cardio workouts to burn calories and for your overall health, strength and resistance training that involves lifting heavy weights, lifting your own body weight, etc., can help to increase metabolism naturally and maintain muscle mass.
  1. Drink cold water – Drinking water over other sugary beverages not only means you’re avoiding empty (and unwanted) calories, it can also temporarily speed up your metabolism. This seems to particularly be the case when drinking cold water, because the body uses energy (burns calories) to heat the water up to body temperature.
  1. Add a thermogenic to your diet – Whether it’s spicy food, coffee, green tea or a thermogenic diet pill, ingesting a substance that activates thermogenesis can help give your metabolism a boost. It is believed that these substances can increase metabolism, because basically how thermogenics work is they cause the body to generate more heat. Generating this heat requires energy, hence burning more calories. That being said, if you should decide to take a thermogenic fat burner or certain stimulants you don’t usually ingest for metabolism-boosting purposes, it’s a good idea to first run this by your doctor.

Ultimately, remember that no matter what steps you may take to increase metabolism naturally, if your goal is to lose weight, combining those steps with other diet and exercise changes is what will help to bring forth the most optimal results.

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