NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

by Editor on April 21, 2014

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Green coffee bean extract is one of the ingredients in the nonprescription weight loss industry that is experiencing some of the largest levels of hype, and this over the counter product from NatureWise is riding that wave. The key to understanding whether or not it is the right diet pill for you is to look at the ingredients and to find out whether or not they are safe and as effective as the manufacturer claims them to be.

In the case of NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract, there is only one active ingredient, which is the substance in its name. This is contained within a vegetarian capsule. It is being sold as double strength and as appropriate for both men and women.

Though the official website for this product does have a “buy now” button for NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract, clicking it redirects the user to its sales page on Amazon. At the time of this review, a one time purchase of the product was $24.98, which was a discounted price from the list price, which was $34.95. That site also offered a subscription (auto ship) program, which brings the monthly price down marginally, by $0.40 per month.

There is some evidence that green coffee bean extract can help to enhance fat burning and boost energy levels, which can be helpful to dieters who want to lose weight more quickly. That said, the evidence, so far remains limited and more studies are required for conclusive scientific results.

According to the manufacturers, the point of this product is to help you to burn off fat and sugar. It also indicated that it may be able to reduce the speed of release of sugar into the blood stream. This is not what the studies of this ingredient have indicated and the official site does not cite any studies that would suggest that they have proof of this type of claim.

The key to the benefits of green coffee bean extract are in the antioxidants and chlorogenic acid, as well as the caffeine that it contains. The antioxidants don’t necessarily help with weight loss but they do promote a healthier body overall. The chlorogenic acid and the caffeine are what help to boost the metabolism for a short period of time to help to encourage the body to burn fat more quickly. This benefit does occur on its own, but to actually use it to produce measurable weight loss benefits, it must be combined with cardio exercise.

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