Gastric Band Pill

by Editor on November 2, 2016

Gastric Band Pill reviews

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Why get Gastric band surgery when you can take the Gastric Band Pill? That essentially sums up the purpose of this diet pill product from Clinico, which claims to provide similar appetite suppressing effects to having gastric band surgery. With a pill that’s just as effective as the surgery and a lot cheaper, this sounds like a logical alternative.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The reason: there is absolutely no scientific evidence that can support the claims made about this product. In other words, there is no guarantee that it will help you in the same way that actual Gastric band surgery can.

When this review was written, there was no official supplement facts sheet available for this product. Therefore, it’s not fully known what ingredients have been used in the Gastric Band Pill formula beyond the three listed on the front of the bottle label: Guarana, Yerba Mate and Hoodia.

Even if these are the only ingredients to be found in the Gastric Band Pill, this means that it contains two stimulants and an unproven appetite suppressant.

More specifically, both Guarana and Yerba Mate contain high caffeine content. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. While this can be very beneficial for boosting mental alertness and for improving fat burning, at the same time, caffeine can cause unpleasant side effects including sleeplessness, restlessness, upset stomach, headache, feelings of jitteriness and anxiety, among other adverse effects. Due to the fact that you’ll be getting a double dose of caffeine in his pill, the chances of negative side effects are substantially higher.

While touted as a superior appetite suppressant that has been used for centuries by bushmen to suppress appetite, numerous clinical trials conducted on Hoodia have found no evidence that this herb can actually reduce feelings of hunger. Furthermore, much of the research found on Hoodia is inconclusive. This means that more studies must be conducted to learn more about the effects – both good and bad – of this ingredient.

The biggest red flag associated with the Gastric Band Pill is the lack of information about the product. When this review was written, not only was there no ingredients list but there was also no information in regard to dosage.

Due to the lack of details and the fact that there is absolutely no guarantee that taking this pill will lead to appetite suppression or weight loss, it would likely be in your best interest to consider another product. Furthermore, you would be wise to speak with your doctor about your options prior to taking the Gastric Band Pill or any OTC diet pill for weight loss.

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