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by Editor on March 26, 2020

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Fizogen Lean Tabs are a form of weight loss supplements made as one of the many different body building and weight maintenance products offered by Fizogen Precision technologies. In fact, there are currently 19 different products of that nature offered by that company. Lean Tabs are only one of many.

Fizogen Lean Tabs Ingredients

The claim is that Fizogen Lean Tabs’ formula is revolutionary for fat loss because it features Multifaceted Systematic Hyper-Metabolic Technology. This is said to be an advanced technology that speeds up the breakdown of fatty acids, while at the same time, promotes a lean, muscular physique. This fat-burning formula is composed of a “powerful” combination of nine ingredients that target various biochemical channels for peak fat loss effects.

Ingredients in Fizogen Lean Tabs are listed for their individual functions. These include:

  • Dexafendrine (785 mg) – which contains caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract, yerba mate root extract, green coffee bean extract, cordial salictolio extract, cocoa extract, taurine, citrus naringin, and vinpocetine.
  • Hydropropol (462 mg) – which includes horse tail extract, dandelion root extract, and uva ursi leaf extract.
  • Carboxen (250 mg)– which contains garcinica cambogia extract and L-Carnitine.
  • C-Amp CSB (140 mg) – which contains clary sage extract and bergenin.
  • Myotonol (130 mg) – which contains mucuna pruriens extract, cyanotis vega extract, and rhodiola rosea extract.
  • Neurotrol (130 mg) – which contains hoodia gordonii cactus extract, caralluma cactus extract, simthin jojoba seed extract, and griffonia simplicifolia seed extract.
  • Tetravaline (130 mg) – which contains L-tyrosine, olive leaf extract, and guggulsterones E&Z
  • Digestol (75 mg) – which contains terminalia chebula fruit extract, terminalia belerica fruit extract, and emblica officinalis fruit extract.
  • EGC-Heat (67 mg) – which contains evodium extract, ginger root extract, and cayenne extract.

Claims Lack Support

Though Fizogen Lean Tabs ingredients are all explained on their official website, none of the claims made regarding the reason for including each of those elements are backed up by any form of medical or clinical study that is mentioned on the website.

Many of the ingredients in this formula have been clinically studied. For instance, caffeine has undergone several studies, with some research  suggesting that caffeine intake might promote reduction in weight, BMI and body fat.

Still, even though caffeine has been studied and has shown promising results, it has yet to be proven effective as a treatment for weight loss. The same can be said for all the other ingredients that have been studied for their effects on fat loss.

Moreover, though there have been some studies performed around some of the individual ingredients (though not the formulas as a whole), as only the function and not the amounts of each ingredient are listed on the site, there is no way of knowing if the amounts studied align with the quantities included in each dose.

What Else to Keep in Mind

The official website for Fizogen Lean Tabs states that it does indeed contain a guarantee for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. However, this refund is only available if fifty percent or more of the product remains.

It is important to speak with your doctor to discuss Fizogen Lean Tabs before you use them as they can be dangerous to people who have heart problems and other health issues. They are also not to be taken with certain other medications, both over the counter – such as supplements or some non-prescription drugs – as well as prescription drugs.

2020 Update

As of March 2020, Fizogen Lean Tabs has been discontinued and is no longer available. Even the official Fizogen site is gone, so it is unlikely that any of their other products are available either.

Considering the lack of research associated with this nonprescription diet pill and body building supplement, it is likely good that it has been discontinued. Nowadays, with so many new and different products on the market, it is far better to take your time to research what weight management aids are available, the companies that produce these products, and the ingredients within the formula.

If a company is not transparent about their products, this company cannot be trusted. Do not settle for only half the story, as was the case with Fizogen Lean Tabs. If a company isn’t willing to disclose the information you need, including clinical research to backup its claims, then their product is not worth your time or money.

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