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by DietPill.us Editor on October 13, 2017

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Evlution Lean Mode is marketed as a stimulant-free weight loss supplement from Evlution Nutrition. It has been formulated to support fat burning, glucose metabolism, and appetite suppression.

Evlution Lead Mode claims to provide “5 stimulant free modes of action”. At the time that this review was created, these included: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, CLA, Acetyl-L Carnitine, Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Green coffee bean extract is believed to support glucose metabolism and fat burning through Chlorogenic Acid. CLA is thought to help support metabolism and the body’s usage of stored fat for energy during exercise. Garcinia cambogia is thought to have an effect on fat as well as may help to support appetite suppression. Acetyl-L-Canitine supports thermogenesis, the utilization of fat for fuel during exercise and supports performance levels. As for green tea extract, it aids in the support of metabolic rate and helps to boost antioxidant levels as well as helps to burn fat.

Do keep in mind that although Evlution Lean Mode is marketed as a stimulant-free dietary supplement, it does contain decaffeinated green coffee bean. Decaffeinated products are not caffeine-free. They still contain a small amount of caffeine. However, most people don’t experience stimulant-related effects from this small amount. What’s more, it also contains green tea. However, it doesn’t state whether the green tea is decaffeinated or not, which could mean that there is some caffeine in it. Again, although the small amounts of caffeine in this product are not likely to cause any effects, it is important that you know they still exist, particularly if you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine.

Users are instructed to take 3 capsules (1 serving) 1 – 2 times per day. For optimal results, the pills should be taken 30 – 60 minutes prior to meals, with the first serving before breakfast and the second before dinner.

None of the ingredients in Evlution Lean Mode have ever been scientifically proven to help humans achieve measurable weight loss. While some studies have shown promise, there is a difference between showing promise and multiple repeated studies showing proven effectiveness.

Furthermore, Evlution Lean Mode is not meant for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or individuals who are currently taking medications or who are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 18.

Even if you are an healthy adult, you should consider consulting your healthcare provider before adding this dietary supplement to your weight loss regimen to make sure it is the right fit for your wellbeing and lifestyle.

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