Pros and Cons of Buying Diet Pills on Amazon

by Editor on March 22, 2014

Buying Diet Pills on Amazon

Amazon is one of the best and certainly among the most popular online marketplaces. It sells a diverse range of products, one of these being diet pills. With that in mind, however, you might be wondering: is Amazon really the best place to purchase diet pill products? Are diet pills on Amazon worth your money?

To help you make this decision, the following are some pros and cons for your consideration in regard to buying diet pills on Amazon.


There is an excellent selection of diet pills – There are several products available in the over-the-counter diet pill market and you will find many of them for sale at Amazon. This allows you the chance to compare your options.

Free shipping – In addition to offering different shipping options to its customers, you may be able to take advantage of free shipping when you spend a certain amount (at the time of this writing, an order over $35 qualifies for free shipping).

Competitive pricing – products on Amazon sometimes sell for less than they do at other online stores or than from the product’s official website.

Customer reviews – You are likely to find lots of customer diet pill reviews, both negative and positive. While some of these reviews will not be of any use to you, others may be able to help answer some of the questions you have or give you an idea of what you might experience or could expect from the pill. Be sure to read many reviews to form the best opinion.


Amazon is a marketplace not a retailer – Being an online marketplace, not all products sold on Amazon come from its warehouses. Some diet pills may be sold and shipped by third party merchants. Only products that are “fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA) are packed and shipped by the company and are provided with Amazon’s customer service and qualify for free shipping, etc.

Information may be limited – Not every diet pill sales page will feature thorough details about the product and its features. Usually, only a brief overview is provided. Sometimes, several images are included to provide customers with a closer look at the product’s packaging and ingredients list, but this is not always the case.

Quality and safety is not guaranteed – Simply because Amazon is a reputable online marketplace, this doesn’t mean that every diet pill found on its sites is of the highest-quality and will be as effective for weight loss as the claims indicate.

The bottom line is that, just like other third party sites that sell a variety of different products, not everything that is sold on Amazon is worth your time or your money. While Amazon engages in reputable selling practices, you still need to research the individual diet pill manufacturers to make sure that what you are purchasing is a safe and quality product. There is nothing wrong with buying diet pills on Amazon, as long as you make sure what you are buying is decent merchandise.

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