Is Your Mobile Phone Use Making Your Diet Pills Less Effective?

by Editor on July 7, 2016

Phone Use Making Diet Pills Less Effective

It’s becoming common knowledge that using cell phones too close to bedtime can harm your sleep but did you know that the way you use your mobile phone might also be making your diet pills less effective?

A new study has indicated that the blue light being emitted from mobile device screens can harm the body’s ability to sleep properly but can also lead to changes in the metabolism, making diet pills less effective. Depending on the times of day you use your smartphone or tablet, you could be making it harder to be able to lose weight or could even be reducing the effectiveness of a metabolism boosting diet pill.

Researchers have found that people who receive the largest amounts of bright light in the morning had a lower overall body mass than people who obtained the majority of their bright light later in the afternoon. The research was conducted by scientists from Northwestern University.

The study involved the participation of adults who were assigned times of the day in which they would be exposed to light that was enriched with blue wavelengths, similar to the type of light that is emitted from a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. The participants were required to obtain three hours of exposure either right after they woke up or before going to bed at night.

In both situations, when compared to a control group that was exposed only to dim light, those who were exposed to bright light as a whole experienced alterations in the way their metabolisms functioned and had a rise in their insulin resistance, which could lead to making diet pills less effective. This placed them at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

The researchers also found that the device screen light exposure before bedtime is particularly harmful to the metabolic rate. Evening exposure to this light caused an even higher peak in blood glucose levels than it did when the exposure occurred first thing in the morning. When this was continued over time, this increase in blood glucose can build up to the point that it will become stored a measurable body fat.

Therefore, if you’ve been trying to lose weight, manage your current weight or if you’ve been taking a diet pill in order to make your weight loss easier, if you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone a large amount during the day – particularly during the last few hours before going to bed – then you may actually be reducing the benefits you’re experiencing from those drugs or supplements.

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