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Calorease review

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Calorease is one of the fat binder products you’ll find on the non-prescription weight loss market. Soho Flordis International (SFI), the manufacturer behind this particular product designed this fiber-based weight management aid to help users shed fat without requiring them to limit themselves to a diet that is low in fat or requiring them to add extra exercise to their lifestyle.

The claim on the product packaging is that Calorease “binds with fat from food to reduce up to 500 calories a day.” This sounds impressive, but the only way to know if this claim is more than words is to take a look at the ingredients.

Calorease’s main active ingredient is FBCx (Alpha cyclodextrin). This is a soluble dietary fiber derived from corn starch. According to the FAQ on the official product page, in a laboratory study FBCx was shown to “complex up to 9 times its own weight of dietary fat.”

A single Calorease tablet contains 1 gram of fiber. A serving size is made up of 2 tablets, which contains 2,000mg of FBCx. According to SFI, each serving size binds up to 18 grams of dietary fat, approximately 162 calories. Furthermore, this fiber-based fat binder is supposedly capable of eliminating up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat.

Does it work? There have been clinical trials and studies conducted on the fiber ingredient. Research has found that FBCx can form a stable complex with dietary fat, which can reduce the absorption and bioavailability of dietary fat. While these are promising results, the trouble is that while FBCx has been clinically researched it has not been clinically proven to be an effective weight management aid. There is no guarantee that taking Calorease will result in measureable fat loss. More studies are required to determine the true effects of his product.

As for side effects, on a positive note, Calorease is stimulant-free, so you needn’t worry about insomnia or other pesky stimulant-related adverse effects. It also contains no gluten, yeast, lactose, wheat, egg soy, dairy, sugar, salt, sweeteners, artificial colors or preservatives. Be that as it may, common side effects associated with this product include gastrointestinal upset, such as flatulence, gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

It should also be noted that many users who have reviewed this product have complained about the above side effects and that they hadn’t noticed a difference in their weight.

The suggested dose is to take Calorease when consuming a meal containing fat. Users are instructed to take two tablets directly before every fat-containing meal or snack. The maximum number of tablets that can be taken per day is 6.

Calorease is meant to be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet. It would be wise to speak with your medical practitioner prior to taking this weight loss aid.

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