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by Editor on June 4, 2020

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Appesat is an over the counter diet pill from Shape Smart that is marketed as an appetite suppressant. It claims that it has a very different approach to achieving its results, which makes it different from those supplements that use hyped ingredients such as hoodia gordonii, or unproven substances such as chromium for blood sugar regulation.

What this product contains is an ingredient in the fiber family. The manufacturer states that it is clinically proven – within studies that are listed on the official website for the product – to help to reduce the appetite. That said, there are some potentially serious side effects connected with the use of this product.

The Primary Ingredient in Appesat is a Fiber Complex

The primary ingredient within Appesat is its Bioginate Complex, which is made up of fiber that is extracted from a seaweed species known as Laminaria digitata.

Though Appesat is relatively unique in that its source of fiber is from a type of seaweed, that is essentially where the unique nature of the product comes to an end. There is nothing else new offered by this product to the dieter.

The way that fiber is supposed to work – according to manufacturers of this type of product – is by absorbing water once it is consumed and then expanding in the stomach. It is also quite slow to be digested. This means that the dieter will feel more full on a smaller amount of food, and that this sensation will last longer than eating a meal that is lower in fiber.

CM3 Is Not the Same as Laminaria Digitata

On the plus side, the links that are provided on the Appesat website and that send the visitor off the website are legitimate and provide information about two authentic studies. On the down side, the problem with these studies, however, is that both of them refer to an ingredient called CM3 Alginate and not the species of seaweed listed as the ingredient in the drug.

At the time of this Appesat review, the official website was scoured for any mention of CM3 Alginate, but none could be found. CM3 is another type of flora that is actually a type of brown algae, which was shown in the studies to expand within the stomach. It is, unfortunately, a very different substance than the Laminaria digitata which is the main ingredient in this diet product.

Another problem that was discovered with the cited studies were that they were riddled with side effects. So even if Appesat did contain the plant in question, it would mean that it is linked to side effects which were described by the researchers as:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating

Your Money May be Better Spent Elsewhere

Although it seems that the makers of Appesat attempted to make a stellar product to help curb appetite, it still contains an unproven ingredient and the authentic studies that were provided to backup their claims were not related to the specific ingredient in the diet pill formula.

This calls into question the quality of this dietary supplement for weight loss and also calls into question the manufacturer’s understanding of the active ingredient it chose for its product since it appears to think CM3 is the same as Laminaria digitate.

The bottom line is that it would probably be best to play it safe and avoid taking this weight management aid. At the very least, if you do want to give it a try, running this by your doctor is highly recommended.

Update – June 2020

Appesat appears to no longer be sold online. It is still listed at online marketplaces and retail sites like Amazon, but cannot be purchased and has been labeled “currently unavailable.” It is not known if this product will ever be restocked. However, considering the above review was first created in 2012, there’s a very good chance that this OTC diet pill is not coming back.

That being said, if you were hoping to find an over the counter weight management aid that helped with hunger, there are other options available. Just remember to steer clear of products with unsubstantiated claims and remember that the best nonprescription diet pills that can help with appetite often work optimally when combined with a sensible diet and exercise.

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