Advanced Green Tea Extract

by Editor on October 23, 2016

Advanced Green Tea Extract review

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Advanced Green Tea Extract from Zenwise Labs is a dietary supplement that has been formulated to increase fat burning and improve physical performance. It claims to be high in antioxidants and supports cardiovascular health.

Each serving (1 capsule) contains Vitamin C (60mg), and Decaffeinated Green Tea (725mg). The suggested dose is to take 1 capsule up to two times per day.

To start, one of the biggest perks about this dietary supplement is that it contains only two ingredients, which means that there is a far greater chance for the potential that you’ll be able to experience the positive effects of these ingredients.

Vitamin C is well known for aiding the immune system and it is also essential for cell growth and repair. Research has also found that obtaining sufficient amounts of vitamin C increase body fat oxidation, especially during moderate or intense exercise. People who are deficient in vitamin C tend to have a harder time losing fat mass. That being said, there is insufficient evidence that links weight loss with sufficient or higher vitamin C intake.

It is interesting to note that on the Advanced Green Tea Extract bottle, the manufacturer states that the product contains their “specialized caffeine-free blend of 725mg of Green Tea”. However, the ingredients list states that what is included in the product is decaffeinated green tea, which is not the same as “caffeine-free”. Yes, decaffeinated green tea contains a very, very low dose of caffeine, but there is a difference between something containing no caffeine and it containing a little. In other words, it is not entirely clear whether this product contains a low dose of caffeine or none as the wording that is used is conflicting.

The good news is that green tea is known for being rich in antioxidants and has been touted for its fat burning and energy boosting properties, which reportedly does not require caffeine to provide this benefit. That said, apparently the decaffeination process of the tea results in the removal of more than half of the antioxidants, which is slightly problematic only because much of the fat burning effect supposedly comes from these antioxidants. What’s more, if the green tea contained caffeine its energy boosting capabilities would be higher.

There is no guarantee that taking this dietary supplement will increase fat burning that will lead to measurable weight loss, but it also seems to be a fairly decent product. Nevertheless, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking Advanced Green Tea Extract to make sure it is the right choice for you. Always err on the side of caution when your health is involved.

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