Building a 6 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

by Editor on July 2, 2020

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One of the many factors people forget when they design a 6 week weight loss workout plan is that their situation will not remain exactly the same from start to finish.  Over that span of time, there will be changes in your fitness level, lifestyle, schedule, and even preferences.  As a result, the strategy you create can’t simply be the same every day or even every week.  You need to make sure it’s adaptable and flexible.

How to Create a Flexible 6 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

If you’ve never created a 6 week weight loss workout plan before, then your first step is to have a discussion with your doctor.  Even just booking a telehealth appointment is enough to discuss which components you need to consider to ensure it will be safe and appropriate for your unique fitness level and medical needs.  While you’re at it, you can talk about the diet adjustments you may need to make to accommodate a more active lifestyle while still burning fat.

From there, you need to break your 6 week weight loss workout plan into three major components.  These are:

  1. Cardio exercises
  2. Strength training exercises
  3. Flexibility exercises

Exercises for a 6 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

When burning fat is your goal, cardio will usually be the main component of your 6 week weight loss workout plan.  That said, strength training and flexibility exercises remain very important.


The specific exercises you choose will depend on your preference, capabilities and fitness level. This could mean brisk walks, swimming, cycling, aerobics workouts, Zumba, dance classes or anything else that will raise your heart rate over an extended time.  You may even find that HIIT is right for you if you are fit enough. These workouts will make up four or five of your daily sessions.

Strength Training

Strength training exercises should be done two to three times per week.  You can use free weights or kettle bells, or equipment-free moves such as push-ups, planks and others. This helps to ensure your body is burning fat and not your lean muscle mass, which is vital to your strength, balance and fat burning.


The last component is flexibility, which can be added to your 6 week weight loss workout plan as frequently as you want, but at least weekly.  Yoga or Pilates may not sound like your fastest path to fat burning, but it helps to improve your flexibility and balance, which will make your other workouts more effective and less likely to cause injury. Moreover, you’ll support your mental health, which can make it easier to stay motivated, and you’ll recover your muscles more quickly.

Remember, flexibility is key.  As something becomes too easy or if you overestimated your capabilities with a given exercise, change up the difficulty level. If you find something boring, replace it with a different exercise for a while. Enjoyment is key to keeping it up over time!

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